Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar Disorder services offered in Washington, DC and Bowie, MD

Roughly five million people in the United States have bipolar disorder, which is almost 3% of adults. At DMV Psychiatric Wellness’s offices located in Washington, DC, and Bowie, MD, Oko Akrong, PMHNP-BC, provides in-person and telepsychiatry services to diagnose and treat bipolar disorder in adults and adolescents. To schedule an appointment, call DMV Psychiatric Wellness or book an appointment online today.

What is bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a one-of-a-kind mood disorder characterized by fluctuations between “high” moods and “low” moods. Formerly known as manic depression, the condition comes with phases of mania coupled with phases of depression. 


While bipolar disorder doesn’t have a singular cure, there are numerous ways to manage symptoms and keep your moods in check. With individualized care at DMV Psychiatric Wellness, you can avoid the extremes and any complications that come with experiencing them. 


During your initial telehealth or in-person appointment at DMV Psychiatric Wellness, Mr. Oko Akrong evaluates your symptoms and makes a diagnosis. He can then plan your client-centered treatment with an individualized approach. 

What are the symptoms of bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder symptoms are split between depressive symptoms and manic symptoms. You experience depressive symptoms during periods of depression and manic symptoms during episodes of mania or hypomania, which is milder than mania. Here are a few of the symptoms you can expect during episodes:

Mania or hypomania

Manic and hypomanic episodes often involve impulsivity, lots of energy, and risk-taking behaviors. Some common behavioral examples include shopping sprees, quitting your job on a whim, and using alcohol or drugs. 


Depression involves lethargy, hopelessness, and feelings of sadness. You might experience sleep problems, trouble concentrating, appetite changes, and a lack of interest in your usual engagements. 

What’s the best way to manage bipolar disorder?

There’s no singular way to manage bipolar disorder, and at DMV Psychiatric Wellness, Mr. Oko Akrong takes an individualized approach with every client. While planning your treatment, he considers the number and frequency of your episodes before recommending a care plan. 


Bipolar disorder and other mood disorders often require medication management. This involves getting a prescription and taking your medication according to instructions from your provider. Mr. Oko Akrong checks in with you during telehealth and in-person appointments to make sure the results of your medication are positive and that you’re taking it consistently. 


You might also benefit from counseling or therapy for bipolar disorder. If it’s more convenient than coming to the office for therapy visits, you can log in from anywhere to a telepsychiatry appointment with your provider. 


To learn more about bipolar disorder and your options for treatment, call DMV Psychiatric Wellness or book an appointment online today.